The UBF Suction Band Filter

For applications with a high stock removal rate, and where fine filtration is required, nothing is more efficient than the Hoffmann Suction Band Filter System.

Fully automatic and easy to use, the Hoffmann Suction Band Filter pulls coolant through a filter media. This is done using the suction pump, which creates a low pressure area in a chamber below the media. When a specific vacuum is reached, the vacuum is released and the media transports automatically.

By using a thicker media and allowing a cake to build on it with the high stock removal, the UBF system is efficiently capable of achieving nominal filtration rates of 15 microns and below. To improve efficiency, the UBF system is manufactured with a unique wedge wire screen that prevents tearing of the media, unlike standard perforated metal screens.
Other features of the Hoffmann Suction Band Filter are its versatility and minimal use of floor space. The UBF system is capable of working with oil and water-based coolants. Accessories such as media reelers, coolers, drying stations, mist collectors, and fine filtration vessels can be added to the unit without consuming more floor space.

UBF Model Flow Rate GPM (based on water) Filter Area Square Feet

Approximate Dimensions

(W x L)

UBF 50 30 5.5 56 x 100"
UBF 100 60 11 56 x 120"
UBF 150 90 16 56 x 140"
UBF 200 120 22 56 x 160"
UBF 300 180 33 56 x 200"
UBF 400 240 44 56 x 220"
UBF 600 360 65 120 x 240"
UBF 1000 600 110 120 x 300"