The Precoat Filter




The Hoffmann Precoat Filter is a highly economical filter system for extremely fine filtration. Using the principle of depth filtration, the filter plates inside the vessel are “precoated” with a filter aid such as cellulose or diatomaceous earth.
The systems work with great success on applications that require an extremely high surface finish, yet create small amounts of stock removal, i.e. honing and super finishing as well as EDM applications.  

By utilizing horizontal filter plates, the filtration process may be interrupted at any time without disturbing the filter cake.

Standard systems come with 27 or 43 square feet of filter area, and all systems may be equipped with optional magnetic separators for pre-filtration, as well as mist collectors and immersion chillers to tailor the system to your precise needs. As with all of our filtration systems, special designs are available by request

Precoat FIlter

Type Filter Area Sq.Ft. Tank Capacity (Gallons) Flow Rate (GPM) Dimensions (W x L inches)
ASF 35.25 27 100 20 40 x 50
ASF 80.40 43 100 40 40 x 50
ASF 35.25.2 2 x 27 250 20 60 x 80
ASF 80.40.2 2 x 43 250 40 60 x 80