The HSF Suction Belt Filter

The Suction Belt Filter is a media-free solution ideal for CBN and regular grinding wheels. Fitted with a custom-made continuous filter belt, the HSF is able to achieve a superior level of filtration while maintaining a steady supply of coolant to your machine tool.

During the filtration process, coolant is drawn through the filter belt. The particulates are captured on the surface of the filter belt while clean coolant is able to flow through the belt and into the clean tank, from where it is cycled back into the machine tool. The particulates form a filter cake, which is also an aid in the filtration process. The filter cake advances forward on the belt to the drying station before being discarded into the sludge container.

Filter Type


100 SSU at 100° F


32 SSU at 100°F

Filter Belt Width
HSF 100 55 GPM 60-80 GPM 39 in.
HSF 150 80 GPM 90-120 GPM 39 in.
HSF 200 110 GPM 125-150 GPM 39 in.