Hoffmann Chillers

To maintain the tight tolerances that are required in today’s precision grinding, Hoffmann Filter offers a line of coolers that can be integrated into any of our filter systems. These coolers work to achieve a temperature set point or an ambient range in high ambient conditions up to 110° F.

Hoffmann’s unique design maximizes efficiency without consuming valuable floor space. The Hoffmann immersion coolers sit inside the clean tank. Clean coolant passes the coils that bring the coolant to a desired temperature range. Controls can be integrated into the filter control panel for easy operation.

Besides the benefit of reducing floor space, the Hoffmann immersion cooler is distinguished by the high precision and well-balanced efficiency of the motor and compressor. It has a stainless steel evaporator and an airtight compressor motor unit incorporating a vacuum capsule. This works to create a low noise level.  


Model Cooling Power KCAL/H Cooling Power BTU/H Minumum Immersion Depth Connection Power
ERK 100 T 2300 12,000 12" 1.0 HP
ERK 150 T 3800 18,000 12" 1.5 HP
ERK 200 T 5000 24,000 12" 2.0 HP
ERK 300 T 7500 36,000 16" 3.0 HP
ERK 400 T 10,000 48,000 20" 4.0 HP
ERK 500 T 15,000 60,000 20" 5.0 HP
ERK 500 T 22,500 72,000 20" 6.0 HP