The BFI Flat Bed Band Filter

Ideal for water-based applications, the Flat Bed Band Filter Systems are fully automated, yet still economical systems.

The Flat Bed Band Filter System can be equipped with an integrated sump, or coolant can dump directly onto the filter bed. Like the Deep Bed Band Filter Systems, these models also use a float switch to transport the media.

Like all Hoffmann systems, a number of options and accessories are available for our BFI Flat Bed Band Filters, so that you can customize the system to your exact specifications.  

Capacities BFI-60 BFI-100 BFI-160
Tank volume 60 Gallons 83 Gallons 150 Gallons
System Flow Rate 15 GPM 25 GPM 40 GPM
Filter Area 6 sq. ft. 8 sq. ft. 10 sq. ft.
Filter Media Width 20" 28" 39"
Coolant Water-based Water-based Water-based
Media Feed Automatic Automatic Automatic
Optional Accessories
Magnetic Separator MA 100 MA 100 MA 160
Mist Collector DT 20 DT 20 DT 40



BFI 160 with chiller and magnetic separator


Engineering Drawing


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